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The Help Show is a podcast dedicated to connecting individuals to mental health community resources.  The podcast was started by Dallas, Texas Native, NiEtta Reynolds following tragedy the death of a dear friend.  From the life-changing event of her friend’s suicide two years ago, The Help Show was born.  NiEtta’s friend suicide came as a shock to her.  She didn’t see the warning signs of her friend’s severe depression.  Following her friend’s suicide, NiEtta devoted enormous amounts of time towards research mental health and wellness. It is that research that sparked her passion for spreading mental health awareness and the epiphany that others (here in Dallas as well as World-wide) struggle with difficulties of depression.

The Help Show is more than a podcast. It is movement that is focused on change:

  1. Want to change the perception and visible stigma associated with mental health
  2. Barriers to access mental health resources
  3. Under-served and Disparities that some face when attempting to access mental health resources
  4. Spread awareness on how to access mental health resources in your community
  5. Encourage those with mental health diseases to seek help.

Currently, Ms. NiEtta Reynolds channels her passionate concern for others experiencing mental health challenges through advocacy.


At least 18.1% of American adults experience some form of mental disorder, 8.4% have a substance use disorder, and about 3% experience cooccurring mental health and substance use disorders (SAMHSA, 2016).


Our Board Members

NiEtta Reynolds

Founder / Chairman of the Board

NiEtta Reynolds has been an independent consultant for over fifteen years. Having worked for various small, developing businesses. She has the ability to exceed expectations by building long-lasting relationships, holding positive visions of people, and provide strength through her leadership skills. She brings the utmost honesty, and confidence to the table. NiEtta gracefully accepts constructive criticism and provides positive feedback to others


NiEtta’s professional, and personal experience has led her to the creation of: The Help Show. Over the years, NiEtta has connected family, friends and people she has met in the community to support groups other  resources such as the MLK Center, NAMI, and  Mental Health America of Greater Dallas .She spoke at the University of Texas South Western Medical Center about ; signs and systems of mental health diseases and community. She also spoke about resources that are available in the community.  Ms. Reynolds became a qualified mental health professional (QMPH) for Youth Advocate Program, a nationally recognized, nonprofit organization exclusively committed to the community out-care services for the underprivileged. She volunteered with Mental Health America Public Policy Director in implementing mental health policies. Ms.  Reynolds currently serves as a member of the Texas Chapter of National Associations of Social Work (NASW), The National Leadership and Success, and is a member of National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI). 


 NiEtta Reynolds channels her passion and concern for others experiencing mental health challenges through advocacy as a mental health counselor. She has earned her Master of Social Work from Texas A&M University – Commerce




Michelle McKamy


Michelle has twenty plus years  experience as a healthcare clinician has shown her there is an incredible need for easily accessible mental health resources in this nation. Ms. McKamy built and operated a $6Million healthcare services company in Texas and currently is a Director with a national therapy services company serving New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx & Westchester.

Michelle has served as Vice President of Texas Occupational Therapy Association, where she discovered that Mental Health clinicians are a waning minority in the US. She has spoken about the need for mental health at state conference, and at the 2015 American Family Practitioners Association National Conference Michelle has been named therapist of the Year for the State of Texas. She has advocated for more Continuing Education for clinical professionals. Working in vastly different markets only emphasizes the need for mental health resources.

Though Texas and New York City are miles apart, both literally and culturally their need for mental health resources is fundamentally the same. The Help Show podcast fills the educational gap in healthcare showing its viewers where to find needed resources– and this is why when NiEtta expressed her mission to create a non-profit to give free resources in an accessible and sharable Podcast format Michelle. had to be on board.


Yvette Lau

Board Member 

Yvette Lau, born and raised in New York City, is an established marketing and result-oriented professional with a BA from State University of New York at Binghamton. She has 18 years of experience in the digital marketing industry and a track record of completing projects on time and under budget. 

She has led all varieties of web initiatives and has overseen project management, video production, sponsorship integration, product launches and digital show development. Having managed 25 resources in Los Angeles and New York, Yvette has directed live video shoots and coordinated with design and technology colleagues and partners to ensure successful outcomes.

Yvette drove creative and strategic development of content and marketing for all digital properties.  She enhanced the creative direction of new products and experiences and amplified consumer engagement through social media and marketing. Yvette exercised editorial authority across all platforms and managed a P&L of over $3M. She increased engagement by 75% using digital, social and broadcast platforms. She supervised vendor engagements and was the key account manager for content and marketing initiatives. 

She works well in dynamic and fast-paced environments with diverse user groups (and personality types) including sales, marketing, accounting, research and development, legal and compliance, and internal operations. She offers a unique combination of creativity and analytical skill, applying both to create cost-effective solutions for internal and external clients. 

When Yvette’s not at work you can find her at the ice rink, she is USA Level 3 Hockey Coach or at the gym, she has a passion to fitness taking her body to higher levels of strength, endurance and flexibility while taking into account the orthopedic issues, medical conditions and balance challenges she is facing.


Malaika Walls

Board Member 

 Malaika Walls is the co-founder and CEO of NJXX LLC, a database driven research and analytics company. Malaika brings over 20 years of media, consumer, and new product development research and analysis to the company. Her work has driven successful business strategies and marketing tactics of top media companies including HBO, Showtime, Sundance, Sesame Workshop and Smithsonian Channel.

Malaika is well-versed in quantitative and qualitative research methodologies and has conducted a broad range of studies from brand tracking and segmentation to real-time digital media usage monitoring. She is also an experienced moderator having conducted focus groups, in-depth interviews, workshops and brainstorming sessions over the course of her career.

Malaika’s research has been honored and recognized by the Advertising and Research Foundation (ARF) and the Horowitz Association Media Forum. She has a bachelor’s in Biology from the University of Louisville.


Roxanne Raphael

Board Member 

Roxanne Raphael is a Texas native that now resides in Miami, Florida and has 20 plus years of customer service. She has a passion for connecting people to financial and health resources in their community. She realized people who live in inequality communities   didn’t understand the significance of life insurance, so she made it of importance to explain the benefits. Working for a multi-million-dollar life insurance company, allowed her to educate and connect with her Miami Florida district. Mrs. Raphael recognized although life insurance is very valuable, your mind, body, and wellness is just as essential. Now being a full-time licensed massage therapist and Qigong practitioner for over a decade. Roxanne firmly believes in and witnesses the power the mind plays in bringing about healing. She is dedicated to seeking out different avenues such as affordable/free counseling, support groups, dance/movement classes, Qigong/meditation classes in which she can help others facilitate their emotional and physical well-being.


Our Vision

The Help Show’s vision is to educate communities about the stigma of mental health and community issues by empowering one to acquire information to access a help in their society.

Who We Serve

We join forces with other philanthropic associations who offer projects that teach, celebrate, and rejoice in the benefits of positive community growth centered around mental health wellness.

What We Do

Our mission is to connect families/individuals to community resources and raise awareness of improving mental health policies.

Letter from the Founder

You never know what battle someone is fighting until you lose them to suicide. 42.5 million American suffer from some form of mental illness, every 40 seconds an individual completes the act of suicide (Chilcott, L.A., Shapiro, C.M p10)

I lost one of my dearest friends to suicide, and from that moment my life changed. I knew I had to become the voice for those who couldn’t speak for themselves. I knew I had to be an advocate for mental health rights. Mental healthcare is a worldwide issue. It not only affects the black community but many communities that live in disparity. The stigma that accompanies mental illness creates an environment of shame, fear, and silence that develops into a mental cage of embarrassment.

The Help Show empowers people to educate themselves about mental health care, and community issues. The Help Show is close to my heart because it allows me to reach out to every community member. It allows me to become a helping hand, encouraging people, letting them know they are not alone, and they stand in their truth. That is the most powerful change you can make in your life. I ask you to join me on this journey. To help make a difference in disparity communities about mental health.

Let us get rid of the shame, let us build a village of encouragement.




NiEtta A. Reynolds



Mental health not only affects the black community but many communities living in disparity. The stigma that mental health is shameful creates an environment of fear and silence that develops a mental cage of embarrassment.

NiEtta Reynolds

The Help Show



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